Italian vocabulary

Definitions of words, lists of words and exercises

Phonetic, pronunciation, orthography.

Essere, Avere, Stare, Fare, Andare, Venire, Piacere, Conoscere and Sapere.

Common verbs and phrasal verbs.

Word, Wave, Calendar, House, Hotel, Trades and Professions, Streets, Feelings, Proper names.


Human body and idioms.

Feelings and emotions: amore, felicità, coraggio, rabbia, noia, tristezza and more.

Buono, Bravo, Bello, Vicino, Lontano, Behaviour, Mood, Character, Nationality.

Behaviour, mood and character: allegro, ottimista, generoso, sincero, triste, deluso, bugiardo, immaturo and more.

Cardinal and ordinal numbers and idioms.

Colors and idioms.

Esercizi di comprensione del testo.

Reading comprehension.


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